OVVES Police Department

Chief Pryor

Assistant Chief Lee

Precint 1

Lieutenant Brant

Sergent Alcaraz
MPO K. Sullivan
MPO M. Sullivan
PPO Bieber
PPO Lieber

Precint 2

Lieutenant Larkins

Sergent Robison
Sergent Norman
MPO Bebeau
MPO Chapman
Officer Hopkins
Officer Bond
Officer Hardy
Officer Sanders
Officer Riley
Officer Eaton
Officer Cooper
Officer Smedly
Officer Channin
PPO Wally

Precint 3

Lieutenant Sculerati

Field Training Sergent Haskins
Field Training Officer Bonnett
Field Training Officer Campbell
Field Training Officer Gardner
Field Training Officer Mark
Recruit Spiretta
Recruit Wolf
Recruit Hooper
Recruit Mitchell
Recruit Miridn
Recruit Chevy

Main Roster

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