Badge 100, The Chief of Police of OVPD and head of command staff

The OVVES Command Staff, also known as simply as The Commanders or Gold Shields are a group of senior members of Ocean View Virtual Emegency Services.

Origins Edit

The Command Staff can be traced back to the early days of 1st percinct however it was never formalised. After a number of misconducts by upper command and 1st percinct becoming defunct, the high ranking members of the newly formed Ocean View Virtual Emergency Services form a new indeoendant structure that would handed all out of game and Internal Affairs proccedings.

For a long time command staff were Lieutenants and above with rank still being considered in voting in Command meetings, however through recent changes this is no longer the case, instead ranks (except that of the Head of Command Staff) do not apply.

Command Staff are also now denoted by a gold shield in Teamspeak.

Structure Edit

The Command Staff is headed up by the Head of Command (who also serves as the Chief of Police) and a number of other 'Commanders' who will are essentail the caretakers of OVVES as a whole, and will vote on and issue that may arise.

Command Staffers also look after the security and future development of OVVES by debating, voting on and implementing new policies.

Head of Command Edit

The Head of Command by default is the owner of the community and usually the Chief of Police. The Head of Command acts as the dominate voting power and has the reserved power to issue Executive Orders as well as the power to veto any decision made by The Command Staff reguarding security, finance and promotions.

If the Command staff is in dead lock it is up to the Head of Command to either veto the decition, call a re-vote or enact a decision himself.

Entry Edit

To gain entry into the Command Staff a candidate must first be proposed by a Commander to the Command Staff, the Command Staff will then debate and vote on the candidate, if a majority vote is achieved that person will receive the gold shield, and after a warming period they will receive a vote.

A candidate must also meet the following prerequisite:

  • Be at the rank of or higher than Lieutenant.
  • Be in good standing with the Command Staff
  • Have expirence as a Superviser (Silver Shield)
  • Have at least 1 month as a Sworn Member in OVVES

Current Commanders Edit

Below is a list of the current Commandeds of OVVES.

Head of Command: Chief. Pryor


  • Asst Chief. Lee
  • Capt. Haskins **
  • Capt. Scullerati
  • Capt. R. Larkins
  • Capt. Thompson
  • Lt. Norman
  • Lt. Champbell
  • Lt. Handle

** denotes that this member has retired from their Department Post, but remains as a Commander.

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